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Integrative Rehabilitation
and Physical Medicine

Initial consultations are always performed by a certified rehabilitation and physical medicine veterinarian. 

This is the practice of evaluating your pet’s current body condition, identifying disease and discomfort in specific regions, then healing and maintaining optimal body balance using a combination of Eastern and Western therapies. 


An integrative rehabilitation consultation includes the following: 

Physical + myofascial exam 

Movement assessment 

Stance analysis 

Myofascial massage 

Rehabilitation gym session with customized work-out program for at-home physical therapy

One integrative physical medicine treatment (acupuncture, laser, or shockwave) 

Supplement recommendations 

Fitting for limb-supporting braces and orthotics as needed 


Hydrotherapy and follow-up gym sessions are separate services

*Because each pet responds differently to treatment, we will determine suitability at your first consultation. 

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