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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Consultation

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Consultation



$350 Initial Consultation (90 minutes) 

$250 Recheck Consultation (45 minutes) 


Rehabilitation consultations are always performed by a certified rehabilitation veterinarian. 


During a consultation we evaluate your pet’s functional movement, mobility, and comfort. We will create a treatment plan based on the immediate and long-term needs of your pet. We believe in a holistic approach to healthcare by initially treating disease then maintaining the body in its healthy state. Our integrative therapies combine Eastern and Western wellness practices for optimal results. 


Rehabilitation is an essential part of your pet's care and can be beneficial for the following: osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease, muscle loss, reduced range of motion, pre-operative maintenance, post-operative recovery, pain management, neurological and coordination abnormalities.


An integrative rehabilitation consultation includes the following: 


Gait assessment

Muscle evaluation

Joint evaluation

Neurological evaluation

Medication and supplement recommendations

Customized treatment plan

At-home exercise program 



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