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Weight Loss Consultation

Weight Loss Consultation



$200 Consultation (30 minutes)*


Consultations are always performed by a certified rehabilitation veterinarian. 


Approximately 3 out of 5 dogs and cats are overweight, and many owners don't recognize that their best friend is struggling because of it. 


During a consultation we will discuss your pet's lifestyle, diet, and daily activities.  We will create a weight loss program to help your pet achieve and maintain a healthy body composition. Overweight pets are predisposed to musculoskeletal injury, arthritis, pain, increased inflammation, diabetes, endocrine disease, heart disease and respiratory disease, which is why a healthy weight is so important for your pet's longevity and well-being. 


A weight loss consultation includes the following: 


Physical exam 

Mobility evaluation 

Nutrition recommendations 

Supplement recommendations 

Customized weight loss plan 

At-home exercise plan

*If your best friend has any signs of orthopedic issues, a rehabilitation consultation will be required to continue with treatments.  


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