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Animal Rehabilitation San Diego

Self Care For
Your Best Friend

Animals Only offers high-quality and effective “self care” treatments to pets in a beautifully curated space under the direction of a licensed and certified rehabilitation veterinarian. 


About Us

Elizabeth Schuda and Todd Oakley

Our family-owned and operated business aspires to support and strengthen the animal-loving San Diego community and provide a safe space where people and animals can connect in meaningful ways.


Elizabeth Schuda, DVM, CRPM, CVMA, is the co-founder of Animals Only. She has degrees in veterinary medicine, journalism, international studies, and Italian. Her work with animals began 13 years ago walking dogs in New York City. She is certified in veterinary acupuncture and integrative rehabilitation and physical medicine. Her ultimate goals are to modernize our approach to veterinary medicine and to encourage local community connectivity through its shared love of animals.

Todd Oakley is the co-founder of Animals Only. He is a licensed general contractor with over 14 years of construction industry experience in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. His clients include international companies, philanthropic organizations, and private residents. As the head of design and construction of Animals Only, he will apply his knowledge of eco-friendly materials to develop a space that is not only optimal for the animal and human experience, but will also encourage the community to be more thoughtful about our impact on the environment.

Canine Rehabilitation and fitness

This is the practice of inserting remarkably thin needles into nerve, muscle, and connective tissue targets to stimulate the nervous system...  + Learn more

Laser Therapy

This is the non-invasive practice of applying light energy (photons) to joint, muscle, and organ targets to stimulate blood flow... + Learn more

Shockwave Therapy 

This is the non-invasive practice of applying high pressure acoustic (sound) waves to joint and muscle targets to immediately address pain... + Learn more


This is the practice of using the buoyant properties of water to reduce body weight pressure on the joints...

+ Learn More

Massage Therapy

This is the practice of applying therapeutic touch techniques to joint, muscle, and connective tissue targets to reduce stress... + Learn More

Fitness Programs

This is the practice of evaluating your pet’s current body condition, developing a program to achieve their fitness goals most efficiently... + Learn More

Integrative Physical Medicine

This is the practice of evaluating your pet’s current body condition, identifying disease and discomfort in specific regions, then healing... + Learn More

Cannabis Medicine & Supplements

A licensed veterinarian should always monitor the integration of herbal medicine and supplements...

+ Learn More

Platelet Rich Plasma

This is the practice of using your pet’s own plasma (a component of whole blood) to inject into joint and soft tissue targets... + Learn More

Cat Rehabilitation

Cats communicate in a very different way than dogs, but they are extremely intelligent, highly sociable, and love participating... + Learn More


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San Diego, California

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